1 March, 2017

Latest 28 February, Beauty Cluster Barcelona organized Beauty International Markets Day, the first day on internationalization and opening of new markets in the cosmetics sector

BiorganicPharma introduced its innovative product AETHERN® Advanced Skin Beauty Program, which was launched at March 2016 in New York and Los Angeles (USA)

The event was attended by over 100 professionals representing a total of 80 companies in the cosmetics sector.

13 partner companies have shared their success stories in the framework of a day in which they have also been able to listen to transversal papers for the development of international business competitiveness.

Abili Falcó i Buixeda


This event has been a showcase for the development of presentations and experiences which have been exposed and case studies of beauty sector companies in different international markets

Montse Martí, Beauty Cluster CEO, highlighted the importance of working together to promote collective intelligence in the sector, thanking the participation of companies throughout the value chain that have exposed their cases.

“Conferences like this demonstrate that we are able to work as a team and in this united way we will grow the sector”.

Abili Falcó i Buixeda – CEO BiorganicPharma, Ivan Borrego Valverde – General Manager Beauty Cluster

The event was inaugurated by Mr Jordi Baiget, Conseller d’Empresa i Coneixement (Minister for Business and Enterprise) of the Generalitat de Catalunya, who stressed that “sharing knowledge and international experience of Catalan companies in the beauty sector is fundamental to compete globally”.